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Archives 2015

Monday, July 20th,

Dear friends of Ngari Khangtsen,

On this auspicious day of Chökor Duchen - celebrating the first turning of the wheel of Dharma by Shakyamuni Buddha in Sarnath - we've just receive this message from Ngari Khangsten Office:
On behalf of the entire tour members of the 2015 Himalayan Sacred Arts for Peace Tour, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all people who have supported our European tour.

Within the last few months, we met many different people of different cultures giving as an amazing opportunity to learn about west. We are very grateful to all of you. We were very pleased by our first trip to Europe to share our Himalayan Culture with the west. Your help and support created a very memorable experience for us and led to a very successful tour.

During this short visit, we visited many different European countries and performed in many different venues. We created mandalas and recite sutras for world peace. From our side, we tried our very best to make the tour memorable for all who came and please pardon us if we left anything undone or left anyone feeling we could have done better. With practice, we will do even better on our upcoming tour in 2016.

On behalf of entire monks of Ngari Khangtsen, would like to express our deepest thanks for this wonderful opportunity. In all the places we visited, we are very moved by the hospitality and kind reception we were given. We feel we made some real lasting friendships in all the places we left. For ourselves, we think we accomplished our goals of sharing our culture and dharma, while also rising funds to fulfill the wishes of Khensur Rinpoche Jampa Tegchok by finishing our new temple.

The tour has be very successful which is beyond my imagination.

We had meeting last night with all the seniors monks. The 2016 Himalayan Sacred for Peace Tour is confirmed, including the new performance of “Tales of Ngari” is confirmed.

On behalf of all sangha members of Ngari Khangtsen, once again we would like to express our deepest thanks to all our friends of Ngari.

Yours faithfully,

Geshe Sangey, Geshe Ngawang Zangpo, Geshe Lobsang Tashi, Ngarampa Lobsang Dhodup, Ngarampa Thupten Nyima, Geshe Lobsang Norbu. (TOUR MEMBERS)"




Like in a dream, the Himalayan Sacred Arts for Peace Tour comes to an end.

On July 13th, Geshe Palden-la, Geshe Sangye-la, Ngarampa Lobsang Dondup-la, Ngarampa Thubten Nyima-la, Geshe Tashi-la and Geshe Lobsang Norbu-la went back to Sera Jey Ngari Khangtsen in South India, after almost 3 months traveling in Europe.

We have visit some parts of France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg. We have been in Dharma centers, museums, cultural centers, healing centers, old age houses, private homes, theaters, etc., even in one hostel for sutra recitations. They have performed 10 mandalas - Sangye Menlha, Tara, Avalokitshevara, Amitabha - and two leg natso mandalas. They have performed  the Breath of Ngari cham dances in Albi, Valence d'Albi (France), Martigny (Switzerland), in Ljubljana, Koper and Maribor (Slovenia), in Braz (Austria), in Wiltz (Luxemburg), Sankt Vith (Belgium), Saarbrücken, Bitburg and Freiburg (Germany). They have performed so many house blessings, Jab true, pujas, mos, sutra recitations, and so forth.

In every places, people were very touched by their compassion and humility. In each place we left, we left friends beside us with whom we have shared spiritual experiences and kindness. Almost each time, some people cry when we ad to leave.

 Despite the fact that we had to cancel an important part of our program due to visa validity, the two aims of the Tour were accomplished:
- sharing buddhist culture and blessings,
- raising funds to contribute to the building of the new temple - therefore fulfilling Khensur Rinpoche Jampa Tegchok's holy wishes.

 All the monks would like to thank each and every one we met, especially all those who have helped us in so many way, with special thanks to:
- Guillemette and Olivier for their unconditional support and tireless efforts,
- Jenny and all the members of the MJC in Albi,
- Ghislaine and her family,
- Christine from the MAPAD of Albi,
- Patrick Stillhart and our dearest ama-la Marie-Anne for their amazing kindness, they were like a wishes fulfilling tree,
- Alain et Françoise Bordier for their kindness and hospitality,
- Jean-Paul 'Golak' Gloor and all the members of Gendun Drupa for their good heart,
- Felix and his wife for their warm heart and devotion,
- Shenpen Rinpoche and all the Dharma Ling members for their organization and wonderul food,
- Ursula for her Austrian song,
- Martin, Rebecka, Amira Nyima and Robin Dawa for their love and joy,
- Sabine and all the members of Aryatara Institut for their effectiveness,
- Katrin for her birthday,
- Alfred, Uschi, and Losang for their humilty and generosity,
- Reynie and Rita for their help,
- Marguy for her smile and good heart,
- Iris and all the members of Amitayus healing Center for all their tireless help and kindness,
- Wilfried from Tibet Kailash Haus for all his amazing activities,
... and all those whose names will be too long to list but who will always stay in our heart and prayers.




Ngari Khangtsen Europe-Tour

The Ngari Khangtsen European Tour is organized by The Friends of Ngari Khangtsen, a french association created to support the different projects of the Ngari Khangtsen.

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