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Breath of Ngari


 Les amis du khangtsène de Ngari presents The Breath of Ngari, a captivating performance. Watch the trailer.

A unique performance in six scenes to discover the spirit of this Himalayan region.
The Ngari region includes the western part of Tibet as well as the Himalayan slopes which, nowadays are part of India - e.g. Ladakh, and Zanskar, etc. - or Nepal - e.g. Sherpa.
Monks from these Himalayan regions who want to study at the Sera Jey Monastic University rebuilt in South India, are grouped in the same house – the Ngari Khangtsen.
With their energy, sense of humour and kindness, six of these monks will share their culture with you. In the performance, the monks will evoke Tibet - before 1959 - and will include the exile from Tibet and the rebuilding of their monastery in India, as well as their daily life full of prayers, studies, and debates.

‘People usually believe that all monasteries are very quiet, peaceful places where practioners are either always immersed in a deep meditative state, or praying all day long. In the Buddhist tradition of the Himalayas, however, monasteries are actually very high level universities where many students study philosophy in great depth.’’

The show lasts one and a half hours.
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Watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/1ajKhRDXMe0

Financial terms: One night lodging and food for 8 people.
€ 1,000 for each performance OR 90 % of the admission fees with the opportunity to sell handicraft.

Performing in a theatre or in your garden
The monks can accommodate many situations. Local organisers should estimate the number of potentially interested people and then look for the appropriate venue.

In order to show photos and short video clips, the monks will bring a video projector, a small amplifier and two microphones (one for the narrator, one for the translator). The show can thus be performed for a small audience (a few dozen people, e.g. for an anniversary, in which case it would be sufficient to provide a performance space of minimum  6 x 6 meters, three electrical sockets and a big TV screen), and in an auditorium with a professional sound and light system, with space to host a few hundred people. In the latter case, we will provide technical specifications for the sound and light management of the performance.


Ngari Khangtsen Europe-Tour

The Ngari Khangtsen European Tour is organized by The Friends of Ngari Khangtsen, a french association created to support the different projects of the Ngari Khangtsen.

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Contact the tour organizer:
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