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2017 Tour members

You will find here below the presentation of the members participating to the third Himalayan Sacred Arts for Peace Tour (2017).


Lobsang Norbu

Geshe Lobsang Norbu
Geshe-la comes from Thiksey in Ladakh, he entered Sera Jey Monastery in 1986, joined monastic school for a few year to study modern educations. After his schooling, he began studying Tibetan traditional Buddhist philosophy for 19 years and earned his Geshe degree in 2013. He is an expert in ritual cham dance, performance of puja, chanting, and dialectic debate. He is currently serving as the one of administrative of Ngari Khangtsen. 

Gesha-la is the Tour leader.

Ven Lobsang Dhondup
Lobsang Dhondup was born and raised in exile Tibetan community in South India, and joined Dzonkar Choede Monastery at the very young age. He studied Buddhist text and philosophy at Dzongchoe  Monastery. He is one of senior monks and expert in Buddhist Rituals, Cham Dance, Chants, Construction of sand Mandala. He also studied Buddhist astrology and divination. He is also former administrative of Dzongchoe Monastery and highly respected senior monk of Dzongchoe Monastery.  

Geshe Jampa Nyima

Geshe Jampa Nyima
Geshe Jampa Nyima was born in Tibet on the  9thJuly,1970. At the age of 15 he became a monk.In 1994, he escaped into exile from Tibet and joined Sera Jey Monastery to study on Higher Buddhist Philosophy, and completed his degree course and obtained Geshe Degree in 2014. During his 9 years study in Monastery in Tibet, he spend most of his days on Buddhist Rituals & Rite. After completion of his degree in Sera Jey Monastery, Geshe la joined in Gyutmey Tantric College and learn on Astro and ritual for one year.

Ven Bhakdro
Venerable Bhadro was born in Phenpo, Lhasa in Tibet. He came to exile in India in 1990s and joined Ngari Khangtsen at Sera Jey Monastery University. He studied Buddhist philosophy for several years and joined Tibetan Monastery in Majnu-ka-tilla in Delhi. 

He has begun studied Tibetan Buddhist rituals, creation of mandala and consecration prayer texts there for many years. He has rich experiences in Buddhist rituals, dialectical debate and performance of puja and chants.

Ven Thupten Sangpo
Venerable Thubten Sangpo was born in Dzongkha in Ngari region in the western Tibet. He came into exile at the very young age and joined Dzongchoe Monastery based in Hunsur, South India. Later, he studied Traditional Buddhist philosophy and texts at Ngari Khangtsen at Sera Jey Monastery for several years. After leaving Sera, he served as Chant and Disciplines master of Dzongkar Choede Monastery for some years. Now, he is assuming the responsibilities of one of key position called Lopon at Dzongchoe Monastery. He has rich experiences of creation of sand mandala and sculpture, puja performances and recitation of chanting and rituals Cham dance, and dialectical debate.  

Lhakpa Tsamchoe
Lhakpa Tsamchoe was born in 1971 in India. She is a famousTibetan actress, the first Tibetan woman ever to break into mainstream film, most famous for starring alongside Brad Pitt and David Thewliss in 1997 in Hollywood blockbuster Seven Years in Tibet. She also acted in the Academy Award Nominee movie Himalaya directed by Eric Valli and produced by Jacques Perrin. She also had some experienceas fashion model.

She will act in the Three Tales of Ngari during the Tour, participate to interview and public talks. She will not only share her own experience as an international actress but also speaks about Tibet, the women’s conditions in the traditional tibetan society or in exile or more generally about Buddhism.